Aerating and Top Dressing

Is your lawn not looking as healthy as it once did or are you having a difficult time establishing the lawn of your newly constructed home.

Your lawn may be suffering from over compacted soil or has developed a layer of thatch from years of mowing which is hindering the movement of water, air, and nutrients into the soil and within the turf grass rootzone.

Core aeration consists of removing plugs from the compacted soil, which loosens the compacted soil, and reduces the amount of thatch. As a result water, air, and nutrients are able to easily penetrate the soil and rootzone.

Top dressing consist of spreading an even layer of material (typically sand or a sand-organic matter combination) about 1/4 inch or less over the turfgrass. Top dressing alone can be used to smooth your lawns surface. In combination with aeration top dressing assists with the turfgrass recovery process but the material should closely match your soil profile. To determine your soil profile we can inspect the plug removed during aeration or send your soil off for analysis.

Please call Signature Grounds and schedule a time for our knowledgeable staff to evaluate and determine if your turfgrass would benefit from aeration and/or top dressing.

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