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Not only does Signature Grounds specialize in landscape maintenance, but we have the tools and resources to make all your landscaping dreams become a reality!

Signature Grounds, LLC.

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Landscape and Lawn Maintenance Landscape Design and Installation Irrigation Design, Installation and Repair Water Control & Drainage Systems Outdoor Lighting Retaining Walls Gates & Fencing Excavation & Grading
  • Landscape and Lawn Maintenance

    Landscape and Lawn Maintenance

    With our complete landscape and lawn maintenance services, you can rest knowing that all of your outdoor chores are taken care of attentively and respectfully. We always leave your landscape looking beautiful and tidy.

    Our landscape maintenance service includes: - Maintain your lawns height according to grass type and current temperatures - Maintain your shrubs and ornamental trees by pruning as needed according to season - Edging all driveways, pathways, patios and define all bed lines - Remove all organic debris caused by cutting lawn and pruning shrubs and ornamental trees - Blow off all driveways, pathways, open carports and patios - Maintain weed control in all defined beds

    You can depend on us to keep your landscapes looking great – with care and without fail!

  • Landscape Design and Installation

    Landscape Design and Installation

    Do you have your own ideas but need help designing and/or installing your outdoor oasis?

    Signature Grounds wants to help make your dreams a reality. We can assist you with your landscape design and ultimately the installation of your outdoor oasis. We have the tools, resources, and expertise for excavation and grading to effectively control drainage and water runoff. We also offer professional installation of shrubs, sod, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, decks, irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, and much more.

    If you can dream it, Signature Grounds can make it happen.

  • Irrigation Design, Installation and Repair

    Irrigation Design, Installation and Repair

    Is your sprinkler system in need of repair, is your fence damaged from inaccurate sprinkler coverage or are you tired of wasting money watering your driveway and street?

    Signature Grounds uses the latest water delivery techniques and technology to deliver water to your landscaping and lawn without wasting your money or endangering the environment with overspray and runoff.

    The Hidden Cost of Overspray and Run-off

    • Paying for water that is not needed or used in your landscaping or lawn.

    • Damaging your fence, siding, patio, driveway or walkways.

    • Polluting creeks and waterways with chemicals and fertilizers used on your lawn.

    Call and let Signature Grounds help design the perfect irrigation system to address your landscape and lawns watering needs.

  • Water Control & Drainage Systems

    Water Control & Drainage Systems

    Does your yard wash during heavy rains or do you have puddles or standing water in your yard?

    A well designed drainage system is imperative to maintain the structural integrity of your homes foundation and to maintain healthy trees, shrubs, and turfgrass. Also, a poor draining lawn can attract mosquitoes, which prefer standing water in which they lay their eggs.

    Signature Grounds uses the latest technology to determine your properties topography properly design a solution to your drainage problem.

    Signature Grounds installs:

    • French drains
    • Curtain Drains
    • Trench drains
    • Dry wells
    • Yard inlets
    • Catch basin with or without sump pumps

    Signature Grounds, our drains work!

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    Do you want to make your yard standout day and night?

    Landscape lighting is often overlooked or left out, but its effects make a huge difference for a property by,

    • casting the house in a welcoming glow.
    • enabling safe movement around the property, and
    • increasing your time spent outside.

    Our outdoor lighting systems are professionally designed and installed so that you can be confident your house and property are highlighted beautifully and all electrical components are installed properly and to code.

    Give us a call so we can discuss the ways outdoor lighting can highlight your beautiful landscape. We are happy to offer ideas and guidance on smart, tasteful lighting techniques.

  • Retaining Walls

    Retaining Walls

    When your landscape needs the structural support of a retaining wall, it’s critical to have one that is stable – permanently. Our solid experience in designing and building walls is your assurance that you’ll have a retaining wall that remains in place, season after season.

    We construct walls of:

    • Natural stone
    • Brick
    • Large Interlocking Pavers
    • Concrete

    Retaining walls can add an impressive and visually interesting way to pull your whole landscape together with the architecture of your home.

    Introducing new walls to a sloped property can also be a practical way to create a series of terraces that when landscaped adds height, depth and makes small yards look larger! With a stairway down the middle it becomes a luxurious and inviting setting.

    Give us a call to discuss how we can install a retaining wall that will serve your needs beautifully for years to come.

  • Gates & Fencing

    Gates & Fencing

    Finish your property in style with fencing and gates that complement both you and your home. A well-chosen fence and gate can set a welcoming tone for your property and convey a homeowner that likes to make sure all the details are taken care of.

    Privacy is an important issue for most and fencing can offer a secluded feel or block an unwanted view in many different ways. Closely laid styles may be an obvious option, but using more open woodwork in combination with greenery can provide the same private feel and contribute beautiful character to the home.

    Whether you’re looking for the peace of mind of a utilitarian fence around a pool or to complete the look of a well-landscaped home with a more decorative style, we install fencing in a variety of materials:

    • Steel
    • Wrought iron
    • Wood (oak, cedar, pine, etc)
    • Vinyl
    • Wire
    • Stone (fieldstone, slate,
    • Concrete

    Fencing using a combination of materials can also be an attractive choice. Wood fencing atop stone retaining walls; wrought iron fencing between cement block gates; or wood trellises above a concrete wall. Most combinations are possible and we’re happy to help you find a design that suits your needs and budget.

  • Excavation & Grading

    Excavation & Grading

    Whether you want to start a landscaping project off right or you need to resolve a specific drainage issue, adjusting the grade of your property can be a wise step. The critical issue is using a company that has more than the right equipment – expertise is essential in ensuring a landscape that functions well and looks beautiful.

    We can help you assess your property grades, drainage needs and plans for usage to make valuable recommendations and prevent future issues.

    When excavation is needed on your property – beneath softscapes or hardscape – we get it done safely, precisely, and always with care for the adjacent property.

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Not only does Signature Grounds specialize in landscape maintenance, but we have the tools and resources to make all your landscaping dreams become a reality!

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We guarantee customer satisfaction on all landscaping and lawn maintenance services provided and will do anything within our ability to exceed your expectations. We offer a one year warranty on all landscape installations so long as Signature Grounds, maintains your property during said period.


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